Making stuff, being businessy February 26 2014

I started wrangling my independent graphic design and art gigs because I love making stuff, and I hope folks enjoy the stuff I make too. Spending my time making stuff and solving challenges for cool small businesses was what I wanted to spend my time doing.

I woke up from my creative dreaming after reading The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber  and recognized myself in every don't-do-this lesson about business. The essential lesson being if you're good at a thing and just want to do that thing all day, don't start a business (small, freelance or otherwise), get a job.

Almost 15 years in, the creative stuff is an ever shrinking part of what I do each day so that I can run the business of being arty. I've been wondering how many jobs I'm actually doing, and was pleasantly depressed to find this graphic from the Red Lemon Club. (Check them out, its a great resource for creative maker folks).



I've hit a lot of bumps on this road, and found fixes on my own for problems I know so many other creatives must be facing, and also solving on their own. So - no more reinventing the wheel, I'll be sharing the resources I've found, read, created and borrowed here. Plus some pretty pictures. I hope it speeds up the process of growth and business for creatives on the same road I am so they can happily keep making things and sustain themselves.